Engagement photoshoot with Symbol Photography

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Back in May, Ally and I had a wonderful engagement photo session with our good friends Brendan and Natalie from Symbol Photography –  They are awesome and we had such a great time.  They took us to some very interesting locations… the new Louis Boston, an abandoned train under Rt 93 and back to where we got engaged last year, right near our house.

Printing of the invites

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By now, most of you have received your invitations, we hope you like them!  Designing and printing them took quite a while, but I think the effort was totally worth it, they came out just as I had envisioned.  Of course, the day I went to print them, I completely forgot my camera, so you’ll have to excuse the extremely terrible phone camera shots that I took, but at least you can get a glimpse of the process.

First comes the process of mixing all the ink colors.  The green is 9 parts transparent white, 7.5 parts yellow and 1.25 parts blue…

yellow and blue make green!

Then the first of 4 runs begins.  The invite was so long that I had to print the first two panels first, then flip it around to print the third.  That meant a total of 4 runs for 2 colors.

The gray color is ready to go for the first run…

Looks sharp!

Here is the plate with the third panel for the second run of gray.

Skip a few steps ahead (silly me for not remembering to photograph) and you have the third panel looking good with both colors.

A whole pile all printed!  Now all that needed to be done was cutting them down (there is another print on the backside of each one) and cutting the perforation for the RSVP card…